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Our Luxury Steam Treatment - What is it?

Since we opened the studio in June 2022 ( yes it was recently our 2 year birthday) we have offered what we call the NMS Luxury Steam Treatment.

Many people still ask us what it is so here's a break down of the hows and whys,

It's a 30 minute service costing £65 ( plus we also include it within some of our offer packages - listed at the end of this post).

Hair steaming is a technique that’s been used for many years, particularly in afro hair salons where it’s an essential part of caring for your hair. But here's a quick FYI: It's actually beneficial for all hair types, hence why Neil introduced it into the studio from day one.

So what does it involve? First we analyse your hair and decide what is the best treatment mask to use on your hair for the service.

You then receive 2 shampoos with a longer than normal hair and scalp massage which lasts about 5 minutes.

The treatment is then meticulously applied to all your hair from root to tips and combed through. This is then massaged into your hair and scalp to assure full coverage of your hair, and for relaxation.

BTW: All of this is happening whilst you relax in one of our massage back wash chairs.

Next we place your hair inside a steam pod for 10 minutes, where you can close your eyes, relax and let the steam, mask and chair massage do its work.

Once the steaming is done we then rinse the treatment mask off and if you can bare it we also do a cooler water rinse which helps to really close down the cuticles of your hair, locking in and trapping moisture from the treatment into the hairs to boost shine, smooth flyaways, and protect more delicate ends from splitting.

NB: Frequent cold rinsing also stimulates the scalp circulation for healthier follicle growth cycles.

We've also designed our Luxury Steam Treatment to really fell like you're having 30 minutes of relaxation heaven.

So why steam we hear you ask?

Steaming is a process of using moist heat to help open up the hair follicle, lift the cuticle on the hair shaft and allow treatments to penetrate each strand to allow for better absorption of moisture. Whilst using a conditioner is always good and recommended as well as a regular treatment mask, one of the small issues is, most people do not leave them on their hair long enough at home to really feel the benefits. Steaming is one of 'the best' things you can do to really pamper your hair and give it what it needs, as the moist heat aids in hydrating dry hair leaving your parched hair happy.

As well as helping the moisture to deeply penetrate your hair, steaming will increase softness and your hairs elasticity and moisture retention, making hair more manageable.

Steaming also encourages blood flow to circulate and provides the scalp with a deep clean and can help calm the scalp from skin irritations and dryness. It can also stimulate hair growth.

Low porosity hair ( which struggles to absorb moisture), dry, damaged, over processed and colour treated hair will benefit massively from steaming, but it can be great for fine hair too as it will help to strengthen it.

We hope all that extra info helps - and here's a list of our services you can book which include the steam treatment.

NMS Luxury Steam Treatment : £65

Summer Cut, Treatment and Styling Package : £95 ( Saving you £40)

NMS Thank You Card: Our in house loyalty card - after your first visit for any service, you will receive one of our thank you cards, and continue to receive a stamp for each visit. After 4 visits you will receive a free Luxury Steam Treatment

We look forward to seeing you at the studio soon.



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