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Materials used: recycled ceramic tiles, FSC certified timber, recycled cardboard reception desk, Low energy LED lighting, water saving back basin nozzles, re- purposed/re-upholstered mid-century furniture, upcycled material used for work stations and shelving, a large proportion of the original interiors retained.


Reducing the collective carbon footprint of the hair industry is a topic Neil is passionate about, and as such, the Neil Moodie Studio has partnered with Green Salon Collective, an organisation committed to recycling and offsetting, as well as research and education within the sustainability space.



Even the bathroom is consciously designed, stocked with bamboo toilet paper from forward-thinkers ‘Who Gives a Crap’. Finally, conscious habits won’t end at the salon door; clients will be encouraged to keep up the good work when they leave with retail products carried in reusable bags.


Staff will be using ‘Vish’ colour weighing scales, which reduce waste and for clean-up, only eco-friendly cleaning products will be used, with single-use gloves banned from the salon.


In addition, there will be no single use plastic water bottles, with the team instead opting to use Soda Stream and an Aarke Carbonator when offering sparkling water. Refreshments will also be locally sourced, with ground coffee beans repurposed for compost after use.


Measures to operate as sustainably as possible have been enforced, from a Virgin Pure Water supply to the installation of Eco Head taps, as well as a sustainable energy provider. Further measures include the use of ‘Scrummi’ compostable hair towels, and a local bicycle collection for laundry servicing.

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