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Thinking Of Having a Keratin Blowdry?

Updated: Jun 16

Keratin treatments are the perfect solution for controlling frizz, and making your hair feel like a better version of itself.

They can smooth, give shine and soften. Here's a few facts on them.

Keratin is a type of protein naturally found in your hair, skin and nails. It acts as both an external protective shield and an internal structural protein. Keratin is depleted when hair is damaged physically, chemically or from environmental factors, such as the sun.

Keratin Complex ( or KC for short) is a merging of proven keratin science with cutting-edge technology.

A keratin treatment is applied to your hair, then sealed in with a special hot straightening iron. Don't be put off by this, because it doesn't necessarily mean you will have poker straight hair afterwards. It's just the technique to get the keratin to penetrate the hair shaft.

The Texture Keratin is designed for curly and coily hair. This is not straightened with irons. the hair is meticulously twisted into small curls to soften down your natural hair.

The original straightening systems that appeared from Brazil, contained formaldehyde. This ingredient is dangerous and is now forbidden to be used in the UK.

Those kind of systems just flattened the hell out of your hair and made it lifeless and poker straight. The Keratin treatments are not like that and have advanced massively,  so no worries about that!

There are different types that we offer in the studio:

We use Keratin Complex. Each of our treatments eliminates frizz, increases manageability, repairs damage, and leaves the hair noticeably softer with luminous shine!

The Express simply smooths frizz and creates a glossy finish that will last up to 6 weeks. It is also a colour locking process and takes 15 minutes when added to a colour service or just 1 hour when used as a standalone service.


The KC Smooth does a similar thing but is a 2-step Heat Activated System powered by a proprietary blend of Signature Keratin, antioxidants and amino acids to deliver stronger, smoother and healthier hair for up to 3 months


KC Texture is a curl enhancing Keratin Treatment

A unique curly keratin treatment designed to enhance and define curly, kinky and coily hair types while restoring essential moisture to the hair.


Whichever one you choose, they work by smoothing and sealing the cuticle for smooth, frizz-free hair that’s less likely to break.

You should avoid washing your hair with shampoos that contain sulphates, plus it's always good to minimise how often you wash your hair. This will help to prolong the amount of time the keratin treatment will last.

We hope that explains a lot more for you and helps you to understand how they work.

Call into the studio for a consultation or book online.

See you at the studio soon.


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